Friday, January 4, 2013

Update: 23 to do before 24; how'd I fare?

Nearly a year ago, I made this.  It was a borrowed idea, but it was one I checked up on every month to see if I was accomplishing the little goals I set for myself.  How'd I do you ask?

1.  Go to Europe  Visited Paris and parts of Germany September-October 2012
2.  Document friends and family more (pictures, video, writing, etc.)  Definitely did more of this.  Still not enough though3.  Learn how to edit video in iMovie  Nope, did not accomplish4.  Take French III  Ayyy, it did not happen.  But I am planning to retake French II in February, as I don't feel quite ready for French III5.  Move (to another apartment or far, far away eeep!)  Again, this is happening next month!6.  Cook recipes from Maman's (my grandmother) Persian cookbook  I cooked about eight recipes from her book.  A good start, considering the difficulty and time it takes7.  Find a new job that I actually have passion for  Sadly, no, this did not happen.  But I'm working on having a better mindset about my job overall8.  Stop being such a seclude  Definitely accomplished9.  Watch more old films  Yes!10.  Rekindle my love with music  Yes, and discovered many new things I adore11.  Foster and nurture only positive relationships  YES YES!12.  Enjoy all the beauty California has to offer, by getting out doors more!  This definitely started this summer, and I haven't stopped13.  Meditate at least once a week  I have good weeks and not so good ones with this.14.  Learn to be more frugal in my personal spending  Yes!15.  Pay off one of my students loans  AHHH YES!  Accomplished this a few weeks ago16.  Stay healthy (continue eating better and drinking 3L of water a day)  DONE!  I lost about ten lbs this year and feel very healthy overall17.  Support organizations I love:  NPR, NYTimes, domestic violence shelters  Yes18.  Continue writing in my journal, religiously   Filled one journal this year and started a new19.  Work on letting my guard down more  This certainly happened once I let love back in20.  Show gratitude and love to my family each and every day  Yes, always a work in progress though21.  Join a book club  I did, but I never attended a meeting.  So, I guess that doesn't count!22.  Get organized (and stay that way!)  Yup!23.  Take a painting/drawing class  Again, I lacked in taking this class, but I hope to find time next year

Now, I am off to San Francisco with my love for four days, and when I'm back I hope I'll have lovely plans for my 24 before 25.

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