Thursday, February 13, 2014

instagram life wayyyy late-ly: october-present

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looking like a dummy walking around my bb's neighborhood; few things i love more than ice cream
Joshua Tree trip; thanksgiving was swell
black friday was brutal at the kickboxing studio; natural history museum trip!
pretty ceiling; bb's bday
Santa oh Santa; the Lakers continue to break my heart
we always find a way to match; New Years lovin
just after midnight; how i spent New Years day
birthday smiles; birthday beauties
my favorite birthday gift from my favorite boy; pretties
obviously 25 looks good on me; got a new job so i got treated to cake!
Griffith Park hike; new bookshelf at the apartment
the only reason Super Bowl Sunday was good; super into my new pants
yo, i need a haircut

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

recent realizations

1.  The city of Los Angeles give you no incentive to abide by the law.  Dealing with my awful hit & run accident from October has shown me that despite having video & photos of the incident and basically all the information you could need to catch a person, people suffer no consequences for the actions.  Where is the justice?!
2.  Beyonce can do everything we normals cant.  Case in point:  hats with ears
3.  Aquafor is better than all else.  Don't even bring that burts bees mess in my vicinity.
4.  Sushi burritos exist and they are EVERYTHING
5.  People who constantly talk about sex/boys on social media are most definitely terrible at life