Wednesday, January 9, 2013

24 before 25

1.  Fix up my bike/get a new bike and ride more.  Winter weather seems to have slowed me down.
2.  Move.
3.  Visit a couple more states I've never been to, maybe a country.
4.  Continue eating healthy and drinking lots of water each day.
5.  Focus on stressing less and remembering the important things.
6.  Write more.  Lots more.
7.  Buy an espresso machine and make more coffee at home!
8.  Pay off half of my last student loan.
9.  Be more open to things that are either a little scary or not necessarily my first choice.
10.  Start to exercise a bit.  Some Pop Physique classes here and there along with hikes.  My non exercise routine will catch up with me!
11.  Spend more time with my family.
12.  Do more freelance work.
13.  Take French II, again.
14.  Keep my relationship strong and wonderful.
15.  Try to wear more heels.  This isn't a promise, but a possibility.  I am always the shortest person in the room.
16.  Go to Palm Springs in the summertime.
17.  Go camping for the first time.
18.  Spend less time reading celebrity gossip on my computer and spend that time reading more.
19.  Bake at least five cakes.  The last two times I made cakes they seemed to go horribly wrong, but I will not be discouraged!
20.  Discover a new artist.
21.  Start writing cards for friends/family more.
22.  Create a delicious cocktail.
23.  Learn to cook a few more recipes from my grandmother's cookbook.
24.  Ride a scooter (the motorized kind!).

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