Tuesday, November 20, 2012

recent realizations

1.  fresh juice can take me from lethargic to instant happiness.  but none of that fruit juice.  i like the green stuff everyone sticks their tongue out at. 
2.  this is going to sound mega lame or just super cheesy, but walking around DTLA with pizza in hand with the person you love past people waiting in line to get into a club/bar is so much better than being in said club/bar.  i realize this only adds to my grandma nature but i don't care.
3.  who the hell cares about twinkies anyway?
4.  just stay home on black friday.  you don't need any of that crap and you might get trampled to death!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

it happened, deal with it


It's been a week since the election came to a close and I can honestly say I am ready for everyone to shut up.  I don't care who you voted for because, as bratty and rude as it sounds, my guy won and I jumped up with happiness when  I found out that as a woman and poor twenty something-year-old will still have someone in the White House who cares about my well being/future.  I'm ready for my co-workers to stop arguing about his reelection, and definitely ready for the person who sits within ear shot of me to me to stop saying "ah it's happening already!!" every time something bad happens (attributing it to President Obama's reelection).  Seriously, shut up and do some research outside of FoxNews before you start looking up to the heavens for signs that the end of the universe is coming.  Please and thank you, that's all I have to say.