Monday, January 28, 2013

The world has enough fashion bloggers

I love blogs.  Surprise, surprise.  I read blogs all the time, definitely every day, and probably at times when I'm not supposed to (like in those boring early morning meetings when I have my phone on my lap).  Why do I love them?  Because they give the every day person a platform to deliver and share their perspective.  Whether it be on politics, cooking, beauty, social issues, or fashion.  You no longer have to be a commentator on a panel or have a column in the paper to have your opinion or recommendations heard.  And there is something very special about that.  Yes it can be controversial and at times unnecessary commentary, but it is a platform that we have embraced to use our freedom of speech.  
That being said, I think we have enough fashion bloggers.  I will say I read a good amount of fashion/lifestyle blogs.  You know like Garance, Geri, Karla, Jules, etc., etc..  I like these girls, their perspectives, their photos and their style.  But it seems lately, everyone thinks that just because they can put an outfit together and have a digital camera,  that they should have a blog showing us.  I see friends I was with in middle school, high school, onward that have start posting "ootd" pictures on Facebook linking to an amature blog where they proclaim themselves "fashionistas" ans use the word "obsessed" for basically anything they sort of like (i.e. "I'm obsessed with nail art; I've become obsessed with maxi skirts!).  Ugh!  I don't meant to sound like a snob or stifle anyone's expression, I guess I just feel like there are so many more things this girls can be talking about.  Not that fashion isn't at times a divisive issue that gets a lot of attention in the media, but why don't we have more discussion about body image, self esteem, the continual perception in film that women hate or are jealous of one another?
The list goes on and on about issues that should get more attention than hemlines and herringbone prints, but don't.  And I really believe we as women can change this.  Just because you like clothes and things (trust me, I do too) doesn't mean that has to be the only voice that is given to women.  I think it diminishes the strength,  intelligence and power that women have to really start a discussion on topics that effect them everyday.  For example, fashion and clothing is something that gives women confidence everyday but is also seen as something that needs boundaries by many in society.  There is still this notion that if you as a female are wearing something that you might be "asking for it" or that a cat call is something you're essentially begging for.  That's not right, but it doesn't seem to really be talked about.   
It's not that I see fashion as something superficial, and therefore unimportant.  Quiet the opposite actually.  I just think it has gotten to a point in our society where many women are looking to these blogs and images not simply as inspiration, but also as imitation and therefore not starting any real dialogue on persistent issues effecting women not only in this country, but all over the world.  

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