Wednesday, January 11, 2012

23 to do before 24

I got this idea from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.  I did this list last year and crossed off every single goal except for one (a very pesky one indeed), so I thought I would do it again.  I turned 23 this past Saturday, so here is my 23 to do before 24:

1.  Go to Europe
2.  Document friends and family more (pictures, video, writing, etc.)
3.  Learn how to edit video in iMovie
4.  Take French III
5.  Move (to another apartment or far, far away eeep!)
6.  Cook recipes from Maman's (my grandmother) Persian cookbook
7.  Find a new job that I actually have passion for
8.  Stop being such a seclude
9.  Watch more old films
10.  Rekindle my love with music
11.  Foster and nurture only positive relationships
12.  Enjoy all the beauty California has to offer, by getting out doors more!
13.  Meditate at least once a week
14.  Learn to be more frugal in my personal spending
15.  Pay off one of my students loans
16.  Stay healthy (continue eating better and drinking 3L of water a day)
17.  Support organizations I love:  NPR, NYTimes, domestic violence shelters
18.  Continue writing in my journal, religiously
19.  Work on letting my guard down more
20.  Show gratitude and love to my family each and every day
21.  Join a book club
22.  Get organized (and stay that way!)
23.  Take a painting/drawing class

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