Tuesday, March 20, 2012

recent realizations

1.  I guess this is a realization that has come with growing up, but sometimes things that are will always be.  Stop trying to make something that continually frustrates you change, if you keep failing at changing it.  Sometimes, someone who makes your heart go pitter patter will always make your heart go pitter patter, and it's time to accept it.  Just don't give in to the other nonsense!
2.  Invest in some things, but not others.  Invest in fancy purses and lipstick, but don't spend $22 on a pizza, that's nonsense. I talk a lot about pizza, I know
3.  Life can be really disappointing.  Like when you walk into a show and all the men around you are devastatingly handsome, but as soon as the music starts they start grinding on each other, leaving your straight lady self out of the equation.  
4.  Manicures are important, I don't care what anyone says.

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