Friday, March 23, 2012

National Day of Unplugging

There are so many readily available excuses, more so than there were in decades past, I believe because we are so immersed in technology and staying "connected" on some level.  I find myself constantly making excuses for things like not keeping my goal of reading one book a week, or going to yoga everyday, or even writing personalized notes rather than text messages to wish friends & family a happy birthday.  And my excuse is always "I'm too busy," or "Gosh, I wish I could do that!"  But looking at my days, it seems there is one thing that can take a backseat to all of these things that would create a more fulfilling life: unplugging.  I seem to find the time to check my facebook, twitter, daily blogs and news sights everyday, sometimes every hour (eep!), and that needs to stop.  
Now, that being said, I don't think I am the worst of the bunch when it comes to needing to be connected.  Only four months ago did I get a phone with internet capabilities, and I still feel a sense of relief (not panic) when I leave my phone at home for the day.  But it makes me sad and leaves me scratching my head when I see people break out in a cold sweat when their cell phone has been left on their bedside table for the day.  Oh goodness, whatever did people do before this?!
That's why I am very much looking forward to sundown today, when it becomes National Day of Unplugging.  From sundown today to sundown tomorrow I am not going to go on the computer, I'm not going to update any social media platform through my cell phone, and I am really, really going to limit my texting/calls to essentials only.  You see, tomorrow is a big celebration (Persian New Year) so I can't exactly go missing as I will be giving people directions, instructions, etc.  And I really want to keep this "limiting" as something beyond a habit of tomorrow.  It does make me sad when I see so few books crossed off my reading list, or I look at my mostly empty French language work book.  And I have so many pretty stationary sets that sit intact because I rarely write handwritten notes any more.  
I always have thought of myself as an old soul, who really appreciates those very normal and lovely luxuries of the past, like not turning on the television after dinner but sitting with a book.  But I think it's time to really adopt that sort of mindset that translates to everyday.  There's gotta be something to it.  Afterall, the people in my life that I find most interesting and look forward to speaking with are the ones that I can't just check their status update to see what's new in their life.

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