Wednesday, February 22, 2012

things that make my bad days better

Some days (or most, if you're like me and don't love your job) aren't always what you would hope for them to be.  But really, there is no use in moping around and being sad about it.  There are so many things that can turn a not so good or bad day around.  These are the three things that never fail to cheer me up, no matter what.

Chocolate chip cookies are an instant turn around!  When I'm feeling blue, I walk to the nearby cafe from my work and by a big cookie and an iced black tea.  It instantly puts me back in zen mode.  Also, things like this are necessities so the calories don't count.

A really good workout, post work.  Sometimes, the best thing to combat feeling awful is to make yourself feel worse.  Okay, okay not worse but really if it were up to me I would never work out.  Sure, I feel great during and after but it's the before thought that makes me cringe.  But if I'm going to work out my first choice is usually Pop Physique.  It's insane, intense and intimidating.  But it pushes you and when the class is over you walk out thinking "holy hell, I'm amazing how did I make it through that?"  That is until you wake up the next morning and all your limbs are painful jello.  You're welcome. 

Get yo nails done, girl!  This requires little explanation.  A fresh set of nails make everyday better.

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