Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soon after graduating college I started to feel really strange about how I spent my days. For the previous eighteen years of my life, I spent the majority of days going to class or preparing for a class. And now that was all done. And to my surprise (and disappointment) I missed it. After talking to a lot of fellow nerds (my friends) like myself, I noticed that I wasn't alone in this feeling of longing for learning. Maybe it's because the institute of education has taught me that you can only learn in a classroom setting or maybe I am one of those people who loves going to school. Also, just reading in my spare time wasn't doing it for me. I felt like my brain was rotting in the mundane of working every day. So I decided to take a class: French.

Now, I always wanted to learn French. I took Spanish in high school and college, but honestly language classes always go on the back burner when you have classes like Bio or Multicultural Literature to study for. This whole quarter life crisis time was the perfect opportunity to take a French class, master it and maybe meet the French man of my dreams with my skills, no? I'm in my second year of French now, and even though it is by far one of the hardest things I've ever had to learn I don't see myself giving up anytime soon. This language has become my everyday challenge, and I want to master it.

I don't talk to a lot of people at my job. But when I do, I think to myself, "now Katia, how would you say this in French?" And I translate in my brain. I translate actions I do throughout the day. I have put post-its on almost all of my objects in my apartment with their French translation. It's become an obsession. But it has also given me a lot of purpose. I tend to grow bored of a routine and taking a class kind of combines the life I had when I was a full-time student with my now "adult" everyday mundane. It's refreshing and inspiring.

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