Monday, October 3, 2011


Enough with the doom and gloom. It is autumn, my favorite season, and I intend to do what I love most during this season. Go to farmers markets, indulge in yummy pumpkin lattes, have lovely nights out with friends, and watch movies! I love this time of year because all the good movies that I have been anticipating and watching trailers for online start to roll in to theaters. Finally! But I also love to have days where I stay in bed with a cup of tea and revisit some of my favorite movies. I'd like to share my favorite movies to revisit here, starting with Broken English.

I love this film to pieces. I think every girl I know can relate to the character Nora at one point or another in their lives. Where things feel kind of out of place for you. You're not happy with your job, you're not happy with your relationships. Something seems to be missing. If only a beautiful french man would sweep us all off our feet allowing us to escape the now. It would be that simple.

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