Tuesday, March 5, 2013

how i wish i reached for the carrots

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you:  I love food.  Blah, blah sure everyone loves food, but I really have a love affair.  Ever since I was a little baby my mother told me when I would eat I would be so silent and look at my food with deep devotion and love.  Does this make me glutenous and disgusting even from the age of diapers and pacifiers?  Maybe!  But food has always made me happy.  I don't really eat all the bad stuff, but I love that food is so magical.  It literally can transform your insides and outsides, depending on what you eat.  
Now, that being said, I sometimes truly do not give an eff.  I will be super good and proper and abide by every rule while using my "Lose It!" app (seriously you guys, get this app it will make you stop saying 'I don't even eat that much!' after you see how that mess all adds up) and then I'll just be typing away at my desk and get the urge to get up, buy a big cookie and down it within four minutes.  Its that simple.  I can't turn down a cookie.  I can't turn down a cake.  I can definitely turn down potato chips, sandwiches, fries, etc.  But when it comes to them sweets, I'm a goner.
A woman at my office CONSTANTLY brings in sweets.  Everything from cookies to donut holes, this lady is the pusher for glucose.  And every time she sounds the alarm of "there are some sweets in the kitchen!" I let out the biggest groan.  Why?  Because I know my body has no control.  Even if my mind is saying "no! don't do it!  be one of those girls who reaches for carrots when she has a craving!" my body walks to the kitchen in a zombie like fashion, reaching for a cookie and a glass of skim milk.  
But any time I feel even a little bad about stuff like this, I remind myself that I am good 90% of the time, I'm not in a zombie love affair with drugs or alcohol so a cookie is cool, right?  Plus, this whole new three days at the gym thing has me feeling like I deserve a whole lot more than I do.  But I'm just gonna let my mind think that--my body doesn't have to know.

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