Thursday, March 7, 2013

a hairy topic

Okay, let's get down to business.  This is a topic that most people are uncomfortable to talk about, but honestly comes up ALL the time between my girlfriends and myself.  I know I'm not the only lady talking about it, because Hellogiggles just had a piece on this down there situation.  Yes ladies (and maybe gentleman? I'm not sure if any dudes care what I have to say) I'm talking about landscaping.  Or lack thereof.  
As a woman (an adult woman) I am completely not into the idea of women having bare lady parts.  It's none of my business with what you do with your whoha and honestly if you feel empowered by a vajay that is bare and bedazzled be my guest! But to me if women start walking around as completely hairless creatures they start to look something like a pre-pubescent 12 year-old.  You know, that weird age where you starting to get boobs but nothing else has really happened?  Yeah, that's weird.  
Like the Hellogiggles writer, JC Coccoli, I am a believer that ummm you have hair down there for a reason.  It belongs there.  And waxing it into the shape of a heart, your boyfriends initials, or screaming "take it off!" to your waxer is a bit strange.  Yes, we do a ton of things that are unnatural.  Like put glitter on our nails and wear orange lipstick.  But this is different.  I think it says so much more about you than the questionable make up you choose to wear.  It's far more intimate and I think women and their bodies should be celebrated as is.  Not with a ton of waxing, plucking, airbrushing or adorning.  I'm all for hygene and keeping things "in line" so to speak, but not to the point where it is undoing what separates you, an adult female, from a Justin Beiber superfan.  Physiologically, of course.  
I think it says something about our society when women are being told that everything that makes you into a woman needs to be undone in order to be celebrated.  Pubic hair isn't okay, aging gracefully with wrinkles is a no no, and being strong and outspoken can have you labeled as a "bitch".  I, for one, am not down with that. 
I will say that all women should have their vaginas looking exactly like they want them to.  If you want it to be bare, hell go bare!  But please, make sure you're doing it for yourself.  Don't start extracting hair and other parts of your body just because the person you are with is attracted to that.  Because really, if the man you are with is sickened by something natural you should probably be sickened by him.  

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