Thursday, February 14, 2013

recent realizations: a love edition

1.  I'm not really into Valentine's gifts.  I mean flowers and candles are nice, but most of the time dudes have NO idea what to do and I'm not really into making a gift purchase a suffering experience.  So, this year pizza is the way to go!
2.  Love means videotaping your significant other while they are snoring through the movie "Get Shorty" and later showing it to them and laughing uncontrollably.  No, I did not do this to my boyfriend--he did it to me.  Ah romance!
3.  Wanna show your woman you love her?  Pay for her to get her hair or nails did on a random day shes feeling crappy! 
4.  Make your love last by not talking to each other so much.  Seriously, I started to really feel in love with my significant other when we got to a place that we could be silent and not worry about it so much.
5.  Love means always having his/her favorite candy and chips stocked at your place.  

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