Saturday, January 3, 2015

Final Update: 25 to do before 26

Well haven't I been just the worst at keeping up with this thing?  2014 was a tough year, but I definitely grew.  I grew stronger, smarter and into a better version of myself.  So with my 26th birthday just days away, let me recap the goals I have accomplished/neglected.

1.  Visit a new country
2.  Start saving more
3.  Open a retirement account (yikes!)
4.  Take my GRE Exam and apply to grad school
5.  Do more with my hair and get out of the habit of boring looks
6.  Keep up with my fitness and continue to work out four days a week  I work out 6 days a week now!
7.  Drop 5 lbs Dropped 10lbs!
8.  Take a break from technology more often
9.  Take a trip to Big Sur
10.  Do volunteer work
11.  Take more pictures of friends and loved ones, because I know I will treasure every photo as the years pass by
12.  More long walks and activities after work (i.e. don't allow myself to get so tired after work!)
13. Send letters to friends abroad MORE!
14.  Read 10 books
15.  Be the kindest I can be to others and work on my temper (especially while driving)
16.  Go on more hikes (because Los Angeles is beautiful)
17.  Drive much, much less
18.  Consume less celebrity gossip (sorry, it's my weakness)
19.  Get strong enough to do 10 pull ups (sounds easy but soooo is not)
20.  Go make-up free more
21.  Become better at time management (I'm pretty good with this already, but I know there are minutes that add up to hours that I am wasting!)
22.  Get a couple more holes in my ears
23.  Cook more veggie meals
24.  Do Angel's Flight in DTLA
25.  Drink more wine (because I don't do it enough and it makes me happy!)

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