Tuesday, July 10, 2012

recent realizations

1.  When you like someone a whole lot, you will miss them a whole lot.  Even if you are separated for a little bit of time.  Isn't that somethin?
2.  The word "gaping" disgusts me in any context, any time, spoken by any person.  We need to stop using this word as a species.
3.  It is a fact that if you notice a girls haircut or that she got her nails done she will have an instant crush on you.  This even applies when a four year old boy tells you your sparkly nails are pretty.  Some boys are just heart breakers from the start.
4.  It is really important to listen to what someone has to say when you call them.  I know this is simply a pet peeve of mine because I answer phones as a secretary, but when I tell you where you are calling don't return with the question "oh is this the office of....?"  I just told you what it is the office of, wake up!  Okay, that is all.

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