Monday, July 9, 2012

I'll never...

I simply loved this post by the wonderful Garance Doré.  I think when I read blogs about fabulous people and their fabulous lives & travels I just assume they are effortlessly perfect.  But oh, it is a good reminder that everyone has traits that they will never possess or characteristics they admire in others that are not part of them.  So, inspired by Garance, here are a few things I'll never:

I'll never be good at expressing my emotions.

Oh, this is something I feel like I am always apologizing for. Although I am a writer, I find it really hard to properly verbalize how I feel about someone or something.  It is something I am constantly working at, especially because I really want those that I love and adore to know how much I love and adore them.  But it is something I always have trouble with.  I never have trouble knowing how I feel, but it's the verbalizing part that is tough.  It almost feels as though I feel such intensity in my gut and heart that words cannot form to recreate the wonder I feel.  Does that make sense?  Oh goodness!

I'll never be without bangs.

Never again, never again shall I go without bangs.  I have had bangs since I was a child.  My mother just loved the look of them.  And then, growing up that made me very self conscious about my forehead.  Even though I have a perfectly fine forehead that isn't very large or very small.  But I do have a widows peak (of course I do, I'm Middle Eastern!).  I tried not having bangs for the first time in my life last year and it was so difficult.  I kept waiting for the point where I would love it, but alas I never did so I went back to being a girl with a face framed by hair.  But hey, that's not so bad.

I'll never be a girl who can turn down dessert.

Nope, it's never gonna happen.  And honestly, I don't want to be.

I'll never stop feeling like I'm not doing enough.

Whether it be taking on more hobbies, looking to further my career, spending more time with friends & family, or working at making my boy happy I always feel like there is more I can do.  I don't know if this is such a bad thing, but I have been told that I am too hard on myself for this reason.  I am only 23, but I am always afraid that I am not doing enough or contributing enough to make life better.  I think I'm just afraid of missing out.

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