Friday, August 5, 2011


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I don't mind spending time alone. I've had many friends and acquaintances who instantly feel lonely and sad when they have a day all to themselves, but I've never been that girl. I enjoy time with friends and family more than anything, but I also really need alone time. Probably more than most people. I find that that is my form of meditation. Just quiet within my space and my own self. I've lived at home and I've lived with roommates, and now I live alone. I really love living alone, mostly because I think it makes me a better person overall. I have my own space, my own independence and, I feel, my identity is more secure.
I've always found how people chose to live (post-parent's house) really fascinating. When you see a long-time friend's apartment, or even a new friend's apartment, it's almost as if you're learning a new part of them that you wouldn't really get through conversation. People's space conveys something far more intimate. It shows what gives them comfort, what they like a certain way, what type of design they find appealing, etc. Looking at my apartment, I'm always looking to make it just as I want it and just as I feel my space should look to make me happy. But, like most young girls in their twenties, I'm still getting my pocketbook to reflect the interior I dream of. Either way, I love looking at people's homes. It makes me feel closer, more connected to someone once I can see what makes them feel at home. It's a lovely thing.

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