Wednesday, July 13, 2011

super people

I went to my first ever therapy session two days ago. It's not the sort of thing I think I need on a regular basis, or something I think will solve all of my problems, but I wanted to include someone in my everyday internal dialogue and see if they had any solutions. Any coping skills if you will. The session mostly included me talking about putting a lot of pressure on myself to be really ahead and on top of my career/getting where I want to be both professionally and personally. Following the talk with the doc I started to wonder why is it that recently I have such an obsession with being happy in my career even though I'm only 22. And it dawned on me: I work in a place where I am constantly surrounded by people around my age who are doing exactly what they want.

I work in an admin office at a hospital that is constantly swarming with twenty-something residents who seem to know exactly where they are going in their careers--after all they are on track to get there. I guess I'm always feeling like I'm surrounded by these people who are not much older than me that are doing what they want and seem to be very happy doing it. Also, most of these residents are married/prego/on track to being total adults. How do they do it? How are they so sure of themselves? It's almost rude of them to prance around and rub it in my face. Okay, not really. But at times it baffles me that they are so on their game. I guess there are superhuman people like this that surround all other 22 year olds that are feeling like me. That are placed there just to make us all scratch our heads and think "wait, how do I get to that place in my life?" It's still a wonder to me.

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