Thursday, February 25, 2016

27 to do before 28

Ah 28!  That's a scary thought.  Anyways, 27 has been a number that has always been very present and recurring in my life and while I tend not to look too deeply into things like that I do think this will be my best year ever!  Making this list a little late, but already it is a wonderful year..

1.  Run another half marathon
2.  Start training for a full marathon
3.  Visit a new country (Thailand plllllease!)
4.  Buy less things I don't need (this will probably be the hardest one)
5.  Save at least $6k by the end of the year
6.  Learn to ride a motorcycle
7.  Get stronger and stronger
8.  Complete a Spartan Race
9.  Meditate
10.  Get better at rowing
11.  Minimize/simplify my home
12.  Continue building strong female friendships
13.  Grow my hair long again
14.  Trying camping (I promise!)
15.  Cook more for people I love
16.  Travel more (locally and beyond)
17.  Be kinder and not take out life's frustrations on those I love
18.  Give more time to the man I love and adore
19.  Rest more (this has been difficult lately, sadly)
20.  Drink MORE coffee (goddamn right)
21.  Start my practicum for school and figure out exactly what I want to do with this adult life
22.  Cut out all the negativity
23.  Gossip less
24.  Get one more piercing (or maybe two)
25.  See Beyonce with the strong women I love and adore
26.  Take time in the summer to lay in the sun and do nothing (truly something I've never done for very long)
27.  Go see the California Poppies 

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