Tuesday, June 18, 2013

recent realizations

1.  Going back to school might be my only opportunity to reach the goal of making six figures by the time I hit thirty.  Holy lord, can I do grad school and work full-time simultaneously?
2.  Going back to school might be my only opportunity to make more lady friends by the time I hit thirty, right?!
3.  Stop telling people "oh, you're so LA", "oh, you're so NY" unless you really, really know them.  Cause honestly you don't know what I am and a location does not define me.  We are all so much more complex than that!
4.  I don't understand why people comment on celebrity's Instagrams.  All that happens is fighting between fans and haters.  No one actually cares what you think though.
5.  Sometimes I astonish myself at how good of a gift giver I am.  It is supremely difficult for me not to pull one of these when someone is opening a gift I gave them.    

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