Thursday, May 24, 2012

forever a little girl going out

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Not to toot my own horn, but I like to think of myself as a pretty stylin' person.  I'm not working with a huge budget or endless access to labels, but I make it all work.  I know what I like and stick to classics with an edge.  For the most part, I like everything in my closet.  But that all seems to change when I need to pick out a "going out dress."  You know what that is.  A dress that you would wear on a night you may be doing some drinking and dancing.  Perhaps even a night that you would care to impress a certain gentleman who has only seen you in the pretty light of day.  Yes, that kind of going out.  
Whenever I am in fitting rooms  I always hear friends saying to each other "yeah, that would be cute for going out" or "that is suuuuch a going out dress."  Oh gosh ladies, make me your friends.  Whenever I talk to my girlfriends they seem to have the same problem as I: all the separates I own are BOMB, but all the dresses I have border on little girl/librarian.  Probably not the best look for impressing a mister.  But the problem is that I don't gravitate toward "big girl" dresses.  Oh gosh, the fact that I used the term "big girl" probably shows me all of my problems right there. 
But really.  These "going out" dresses usually cross the line from sultry to suggestive.  And really, this isn't something that I would even think about or care about because when I am darting out the door my girlfriends always say "oh that looks cute!"  But, it is my male friends that give me the hard time.  
It's always the same story with these male friends of mine.  "Katia, you can't wear that you look like a secretary" (I don't think they mean the sexy fantasy kind) or "this is why you don't have a boyfriend," as they point to my hemline.  Well sheesh, I don't know what I'm doing!  Every time I attempt a more grown up, dare I say sexy (oh gosh that work makes me cringe), look it's as though I'm back to being a seven year-old playing dress up in mom's closet.  It doesn't feel right and I certainly feel silly.  
I suppose I'm not too eager to change though.  I know it's not a case where I look bad, I just look sort of silly in a sea of bandage dresses and almost coochy revealing hemlines.  And honestly, I'm fine with it.  I probably will be complaining about this pressure to dress a different way forever.  Just the other day I caught myself complaining about the swimsuit selection in stores these days (but I mean honestly, the swimsuits in the 60s were so much cuter and actually thoughtful of women's bodies!!!).  So in that case, perhaps a conservative dress is what works with my conservative outlook.  Perhaps I will always be the Liz Lemon of the night.  She's not so bad, and she has a good point about the nonsense of going out.  

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  1. I know what you mean! I feel the same

    Nafisah xo