Sunday, November 20, 2011

do you know what i love the most?

These past two weeks have really revealed to me how lucky I am to have such loving and supportive family & friends. This time has been so incredibly difficult and although I am very private and don't allow many people in during a time that seems to hold no closure, the people that I love most have reminded me why they are so wonderful. Not a day has gone by that I have not received at least 5 calls/check-ins to see how I am doing and coping. It has really helped. Although I know I am not the only one experiencing pain, times like this make you feel like no one could possibly understand what type of hurt you are experiencing. All the support I have received has helped me channel my own love to those who need it most. Those dealing with the greatest loss.
We all have so much love surrounding us, and sometimes forget to reiterate the love we feel to those who we hold dearest. Make it a personal goal to tell the people you love how you feel as much as you can. But don't just do it with words, a text message, a public podium with a facebook comment.-- show them. That, is the everlasting impact.

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