Monday, September 30, 2013

instagram life, lately

Apologies for the lack of actual writing on here lately.  I can't say things have been hectic, but rather they have been uninspiring.  I'll get back on it pronto!  In the mean time, here are pictures of life lately.

... ... ... ... ... ... .

got myself a new haircut; cactus and succulents galore in the LA flower district
made myself a little terrarium; baby Frank
sometimes I make delicious dinners; drinking beers in SD!
attempting to look posh; this photo does no justice to how enormous this meal was
beautiful sunset; oh my new favorite picture
babysat this ladykiller for a few days; waiting for exxopolis
a memory from the 9/11 memorial; taking in a Dodgers game!
oh tired eyes; Kanye ticket success!
took up boxing; outfits in meetings
the LA county fair was delicious and not much more

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